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Fysisk Format is a record label based in Oslo, Norway, run from the basmenent of Tiger Records

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1. The Good The Bad and The Zugly - Abscession
2. Rumblin' Retards - Dead At 25 (Buried At 80)
3. The Mansters - Searching For Friends
4. Fork - Eventyr

Being the most expensive Norwegian
punk album to ever be released, the 2020 grand 12" album "Algorithm and Blues" by Norwegian Scandi-punk act The Good The Bad and The Zugly came at a high cost: to the band's finances as well as their pride. In an attempt to repel their embarrassment they will now try to compensate by shifting to the more modest 7" format, returning to the formula that birthed their now fading credibility almost a decade ago. Across four singles in total, TGTBTZ will do splits with other bands, all with exclusive new music and artwork by Flu Hartberg. The second 7" is a split with fellow norwgian bands Rumblin' Retards, Fork and The Mansters

ONE EDITION ONLY! EVER! 500x on black vinyl